Understanding the Mental Health Crisis and how your Relationships can save you

This talk was given at the Royal Society of NSW on 18 July 2019.

Almost 1 in 5 adults in our society is on an antidepressant and this number is rising. It is estimated that half of us will experience mental illness in our lifetime. Drawing from his 18 years of clinical experience, the latest scientific evidence and his own research, Dr Heim shares remarkable insights into why mental illness rates are soaring and gives practical advice to help prevent it in your life. In this lecture, Dr Heim helps you get the right DOSE of four healthy brain chemicals. He illustrates how relationships with people on all levels – from partners, family and friends, to people in greater society – can help us all to create mentally-healthy, pleasurable lives.

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A Lawyers Blueprint for a Healthy Work/Life Balance

This talk was presented at various law firms in Brisbane, Australia. Using science and music Dr Heim shares insights into why the rate of mental illness is higher in law than other professions and gives practical takeaways for dealing with a heavy workload, the temptation of a quick fix, and the culture of the billable hour.

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Christian Heim