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 I’ve been a doctor for twenty years now, and I’ve seen lots of people with lots of mental health problems. Day one as a doctor was in psychiatry and, as I was in an area of need, I kept working in psychiatry even while I was doing cardiology, surgery, accident and emergency and all the other things junior doctors do. I became a consultant psychiatrist almost twelve years ago and soon learnt that we need to help people before they get problems, before they need to see someone like me.

I’ve had to admit people into hospital and start medication and use other treatments, but I’ve always used psychotherapy, talking therapy, to get to the core of a person’s dilemma. It helps to sort things out and know how to live. Once people suffer a mental health problem, it tends to dominate their life until it’s sorted out. I often wished I could help prevent people having to see someone like me in the first place. So, I’ve been lecturing on and writing on preventative mental health for over nine years. That’s what this website is all about.

We’ll be posting:

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-       Youtube videos of lectures about once a month

-       Relationship blogs monthly

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We’ll be giving heaps of practical tips about everything to do with mental health, and some on living and loving, and getting on with other people. Here’s a sample of the kind of questions we’ll be looking at:

Mental health

What is depression and how can I help prevent it in my life?

What is anxiety and how can I stop it becoming a problem?

What is schizophrenia? Can I be sure it won’t happen to me?

Why do so many creative people suffer from bipolar?

Are tension and stress bad for me?

What are the different types of personality disorders?

Can I take drugs without getting addicted?

Is there any reliable evidence to suggest that taking LSD can help you?

Life and love

How should I live?

How hard should I work?

What is entertainment and relaxation?

What really makes us happy?

How can I maximize pleasure in my life?

What is love from a scientific point of view?

How can I start liking myself?

How do couples stay together for a long time?

 Other people

Why should I care about other people?

How can I best get on with my parents and siblings?

How can I handle it when people hurt me?

What do people hurt each other so much?

I’ve read that we’re social creatures. What does that mean?

What’s the difference between compassion and empathy?

Are our brains connected, telepathically or something?

Looking forward to travelling with you.


 Dr Christian Heim

Christian Heim