This is a straight-forward in for 3, hold for 3, out for 4, hold out for 4 deep breathing relaxation. It is for people who know that five or six minutes of good, concentrated deep breathing twice a day can help keep anxiety and hyper-arousal symptoms under better control.

Many people need to overcome urges to do things which they know are harmful to themselves. In this Guided Imagery Relaxation, the aim is to sit in a chair and do nothing until you feel in control, the urgent ripples have passed, and you can see more clearly into the beautiful, peaceful rockpool of your mind.
This Relaxation Exercise is a relatively brief and introductory experience of mindfulness. It is the Relaxation Exercise I employ in my office the most. Just sit in a chair. Be aware of your breath. Be aware of the tip of your nose and how it responds to your breathing.
To further help overcome self-destructive urges, this Guided Imagery Relaxation encourages you to paddle your own canoe against the strong currents within you. You can gradually take charge against these urges, direct your canoe to where you want to go, and grow to eventually become a better decision-maker.